Rental Affordability Snapshot 2023 (Brisbane Metro)

In 2023, Anglicare SQ’s annual Rental Affordability Snapshot has once again highlighted the dire situation facing people on low incomes in Greater Brisbane.
Every year Anglicare organisations across the country test if it is possible for people on low incomes to find a home they can afford to rent through the private market. Anglicare SQ examined fewer than 3000 properties listed for rent in the Brisbane metro area on 18-19 March 2023 – the lowest number in years. 
We assessed whether each property was affordable and suitable for a range of different households on low income and found, as in previous years, that the situation was dire. Queenslanders on income support or minimum wage are unable to afford a home in the private rental sector without putting themselves in severe financial stress.

Anglicare Australia National Rental Affordability Snapshot


This year’s Brisbane Snapshot findings were even worse than last year’s record-breaking low.
Only 0.3% of properties were affordable and appropriate for people on income support.
The households in LEAST stress still pay more than half their income on rent.
Not one single affordable rental in Brisbane for a young person on Youth Allowance