Solutions to enable you to live the life you want – safely and securely.

Your independence is important to you, as is the space you live in. So when obstacles arise that make it difficult to live in your home, the Anglicare Southern Queensland – Home Maintenance and Modifications team is here to help.

We can provide eligible persons:

  • Information on modifications
  • Home assessments for access (with our Occupational Therapists)
  • Design (including Plans & Specifications)
  • Project management
  • Financial assistance

We can help with a large variety of modifications around your home. Just give us a call on (07) 3028 4555 or use the contact form below to find out how we can support you to live the way you want.

Major Modifications

Anglicare Southern Queensland – Home Maintenance and Modifications specialises in solving access or mobility limitations within the home environment through structural modifications or providing access equipment.

Our team is comprised of experienced occupational therapists and trades-people, all working to achieve best outcomes through innovative and economical means.

Quality and functionality is reinforced through our processes and adherence to construction Codes, Standards and Regulations.

Our projects are designed to create and enhance an individual’s quality of life, and fostering independence by removing barriers that inhibit mobility or task performance.

Our objective is to offer clients long-term solutions assisting them to maintain independence and confidence to remain living within their home environment.

Design and equipment solutions are tailored to maintain independence and reduce carer strain or risk of injury.
The processes we adopt deliver effective modifications that will provide the maximum benefits for the most economical costs.

Occupational Therapy

Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Occupational Therapists review and can provide advice on the housing and home modification requirements of older people and people with a disability who may experience barriers in their own home.

Our Occupational Therapists:

  • Undertake a client assessment to establish the person’s physical and functional status
  • Review the home environment to determine if modifications are required to meet the person’s current and future needs
  • Liaise with the client/carers and other health professionals to gather additional information about the person’s requirements
  • Participate and work as a member of a small team to develop a design solution that meets the client’s needs
  • Provide a referral for additional equipment, care services, or therapy to other organisations if required
  • Conduct a post modification evaluation of completed works to confirm that the original outcomes have been achieved for the client and for Anglicare Southern Queensland – Home Maintenance and Modifications.
  • Develop and deliver training sessions to educate other health professionals in home modification practice and the scope of service delivery by Anglicare Southern Queensland.
  • Provide general advice to people and organisations on the access and home modification requirements of older people and people with a disability.
Building Design Service
Our team has access to experienced building designers who aim to help you to continue living in your own home and community. We provide the ground work and layout for you to source a selection of appropriate, quality fittings and fixtures.

We work to achieve the right balance between your health needs and individual personal preferences however, our primary focus is to ensure your practical needs are addressed.

Our function is to design and prepare plans and specifications for modifications that will assist clients in overcoming access barriers within their home environment.

Overall the design will need to create safe, long term and cost effective solutions for clients experiencing access problems in their homes.

Anglicare Southern Queensland – Home Maintenance and Modifications will:

  • Design a functional – cost effective option to suit individual client need based on O.T. recommendations, existing layout & product availability.
  • Design innovative solutions where required for clients experiencing access difficulties within the home environment.
  • Perform home environmental appraisal to determine the existing structure’s compliance with BCA standards, the economic feasibility and areas of the property that could effectively be modified.
  • Draft Plans to certification standard.
  • Participate and work as a member of a small team in assisting to solve individual client’s access problems.
  • Develop methods to enable accurate cost estimation of individual designs.
  • Investigate alternative options, methods and products available within the industry that could assist our clients or in reducing construction costs
Falls Prevention
Falls can happen to anyone, but unfortunately, as you grow older falls can become more common and you are more likely to injure yourself.

Most people fall in and around the home. If you have a serious injury it can lead to a change in where you live.

You can help prevent falls by contacting St Michael’s staff who are able to arrange a Falls Prevention Assessment.

This may enable you to remain in your own home for as long as possible.

Future Proofing your Home
A well designed or modified home helps people of all ages and abilities to better anticipate and respond to their own changing needs and abilities throughout their lifespan.

Future proofing the home can also assist with reducing stress on the household.

Modifications that could be installed to ensure the ongoing usability of the home over time include, for example:

Environmental controls – switches to regulate the air conditioning, lighting and security

Kitchen modifications – drawers to maximise storage and allow easier access; a wall oven with a side opening door to prevent over reaching; task lighting to illuminate key preparation areas; lever taps for ease of use of tapware

Bathroom modifications – level entry to prevent tripping; slip resistive flooring to stop slips, trips and falls in the wet areas; a higher toilet to enable easier transfers on and off the toilet; level access showers to prevent the need for stepping over edges

Anglicare Southern Queensland can help you to live safely and well in your own home without the need for regular costly changes to various features over time.

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    *Anglicare Southern Queensland – Home Maintenance and Modifications  delivers services to the greater Brisbane area and is sponsored by the Anglicare Diocese of Brisbane and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing and the Queensland State Government Department of Communities.