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Stairlift Installation - Ashgrove

Michelle contacted us about her mother, Karen, who was living on her own in the family home in Ashgrove and was experiencing increased difficulty on the stairs leading to and from her home in recent months. Michelle was growing concerned as her mother was becoming increasingly housebound.

We arranged to meet Karen and Michelle to conduct a free needs based assessment where, during the assessment we also confirmed Karen’s eligibility for financial assistance and discussed suitable options to enable Karen to get up and down the stairs.

Due to the number of steps from the ground to Karen’s house a ramp was not a suitable option however a Stairlift was able to fit the design of the house and work for Karen’s needs. The stairlift was installed and Karen was thrilled that she could now easily go up and down the stairs with ease.

Michelle was also glad that her mum can keep her independence and remain in the home she loves.

Bathroom Modification – Kenmore

Ray contacted us asking for help for his young adult daughter Samantha who is living with a disability. He wanted to undertake some modifications to a bathroom so that she could have easier access.

We initially sat down with Ray to conduct a free assessment which determined their specific needs. During the assessment we also identified that Ray and his daughter were eligible for financial assistance through our funding program.

We recommended a number of modifications which including removing existing fixtures (including a large spa), leveling the floor and creating a walk in shower. We also guided them through the process of attaining approval for a Young Care Grant.

The modifications achieved Ray’s goals which were to improve safety, make it easier for carers and the rest of the family to use the bathroom with Samantha and to enable her to continue living in the family home.


“My new bathroom has changed my life. It was an easy process… wish I had done it years ago.”
D. Williams (Age 67)

“It makes it all easier!”
Jett (Age 8)

“Thanks for the modifications to our home. I have been able to recover to a level of independence which I had thought I had lost forever.”
Geoff (Age 67)

“I was struggling to get upstairs and the stair lift installed by St Michaels has made it so much easier. Now I can come and go as I please.”
S. Henderson (Age 72)

“I wish to record my appreciation to your group for all the kindness and efficient way in which your staff conducted the process of assessment and construction during the rebuilding of my wife’s bathroom. Thank you to everyone.”
Keith & Diana (Age 72)

“The professionalism of the team is unparalleled and the communication and empathy that was relayed was heartfelt. We cannot thank them enough for all their work.”
Ray, (Samantha’s Dad Age 25)
Kenmore Hills

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