The Power of Clothes

Our Thread Together project has been complemented by a group of committed University of Queensland students who volunteered their skills and energy to create this website for us. Many thanks to Sam Dooley, Rose Heimans, Jing Feng, Nadia Crawford and Hector Richalot for their support and great work.

Conversing with the Community

Three Anglicare staff share their perspectives on the power of clothes and how clothing impacts them personally. Hear from Claire about how new clothing can make a positive impact for people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, and how clothing can play an important role in reflecting cultural and spiritual identities. Hear from Olivene about how new clothing can benefit people’s mental health and wellbeing, and how the Thread Together mobile wardrobes will benefit rural and remote communities. Hear from Daniel about the diverse range of people whose lives could be positively changed with a set of new clothes.

Claire Uwimana

“Being able to choose what you wear gives you that feeling of being yourself and being in control and being human.”

In her role as Multicultural Program Coordinator, Claire helps to support and train Anglicare staff to work with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Olivene Yasso

“I love this program – it will benefit people, not just with clothing, but emotionally and spiritually.”

Olivene is Anglicare’s Cultural Capability Facilitator, and supports the development of cultural capabilities to work more inclusively and responsibly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Daniel Wales

“Just having a change of clothes can change the way someone sees the world.”

Situated in Roma, Daniel primarily works one-on-one with families who need assistance. He also facilitates groups such as Fathers with Futures and works as an emergency relief officer providing immediate resources and services to families and individuals in need.