Inclusive Engagement

“Being inclusive is about finding, offering and supporting opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate, to learn, to contribute and to belong.”

What is this toolkit?

This toolkit was developed to support the inclusion and engagement of particularly vulnerable or marginalised groups of our community. Engagement is about communicating and interacting with people and involving them in planning and decision making.

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Inclusive Engagement Toolkit

Your guideUnderstanding clientsPartnering with clientsFactsheetsResources
Your guide
Understanding the Inclusive Engagement Toolkit 
Client stories
Learn how to conduct interviews and collect client stories. 
    Client journey mapping
     Discover how to map a clients journey
Conversation analysis & Word association
Find out why words are important to clients
     What makes a good survey and how can it help with engagement?
Experience-based co-design
Learn to use co-design to effectively engage clients
Client representatives
Find out how to directly involve clients
Fact sheet toolkit
These present some points to consider when engaging with particular groups of sub-groups in the community. They are not designed to represent all individuals in the group, rather to highlight key areas to think about. 
Resource library
Here are some additional resources, links and online tools.