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Our fully-accredited aged care homes provide our seniors with every level of care. Our person-centred care model focuses on each resident’s individual needs.
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Anglicare Southern Queensland is dedicated to delivering an exceptional standard of service to senior members of our community and their families. We know there is more to life than buildings, every day we strive to bring happiness, health and laughter to all in our communities. Our staff focus on every individual’s specific needs, goals and how we can support you to live the life you want. When you choose an Anglicare aged care home, you will be part of a supportive community where you can continue to do the things you love with the peace of mind that you are receiving the care that’s right for you.

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As one of Queensland’s most experienced and trusted not-for-profit organisations, we have a proven reputation for delivering an exceptional standard of service to older members of our Queensland community and their families. Find out more

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Is it time to talk about aged care?

Finding the right aged care home for you

You, or a loved one, may have received approval from the Aged Care Assessment Team to start looking for an aged care home, or perhaps you’re looking into your options now for when the time comes that you need to transition into a home. We understand there’s a lot to consider, so here’s our guide to choosing the right residential aged care home for you.

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Cost, fees and government assistance

Moving to an aged care home is a big decision. It’s a new way of living, you’ll need to think about finance when you plan for your move. Let’s take a look at the fees, costs and government assistance available to help you transition to an aged care home of your choice.

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Five signs it’s time to talk

If you’re supporting an older parent, grandparent or other loved one, you might not be sure when it’s the right time to start talking about residential aged care. Here are some common signs you may recognise that indicate home care may no longer be the best option for your loved one.

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Our residential aged care homes

We’re here to support you. It matters to us who you are as an individual, how you like to live each day and what is meaningful in your life. Our values of love, care, hope and humility are at the heart of our quality care to all our residents.

Age has no barriers for success

John Pascoe – Resident at St Martin’s

John had yearned to become a well-known musician in his younger years but unfortunately life caught up to him and he gave it up. Five decades passed and John was given an opportunity of a lifetime to help lift the spirits of his fellow aged care residents at St Martin’s Residential Aged Care Home.

Dressed as the King ‘Elvis Presley,’ John sang his heart out to an audience via Facebook livestream which was streamed across most of our residential aged care homes. It was a huge success! He was labelled the new “King” in town by USA Today. His videos would be seen across the world garnering more than 60,000 views in less than a few days.

John was gobsmacked, “I’m more than surprised. If you told me a few days ago, I’d have said ‘pull the other leg’. It’s just incredible.” John said he hadn’t felt this good in a very long time and attributes the team at St Martin’s for allowing him the opportunity to perform.

A playlist of memories

Celebrating the transformative power of music, everyday Queenslanders living in aged care homes are given the chance to share the story behind their special song, giving us a glimpse into the lives they have lived in their own words. Warm your heart with these special stories and share in the surprise as some of Australia’s best artists give the gift of song to our aged care residents.

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