5 Sep

International Day of Charity

5 September the International Day of Charity. The day was declared by the United Nations to increase awareness and support of non-government organisations and stakeholders “around the world to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities.” 

As a registered charity, Anglicare Southern Queensland relies on financial and in-kind donations to support our essential services that aren’t fully government funded.  

International Day of Charity is important for reminding our local communities that their support is vital for our efforts in caring for vulnerable or disadvantaged community members.  

Donations to Anglicare Southern Queensland allow us to deliver services that assist domestic violence survivors, and women and young people experiencing homelessness. Contributions also help us to provide additional support for foster children and their families, emergency relief for people experiencing poverty and hardship, counselling and intervention programs, plus many more. 

Donations for domestic and family violence services 

By donating to our domestic and family violence services, you are helping survivors and their children to rebuild their self-worth and independence to get back on their feet.  

Donations from the community support us in providing them with specialist accommodation, skills training, parenting support, and mental health and counselling support 

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Donations for women and youth homelessness services 

People can become homeless for any number of reasons. In the ever-growing housing crisis, more people are experiencing homelessness than ever before. 

Our homelessness services are designed to support young people, single adult women and single young women who are pregnant or parenting a child under four years of age. 

Across our homelessness services, donations finance vital temporary and transitional accommodation, skills training, parenting support, and other counselling services. They also provide people with tools to better manage times of crisis and opportunities to support their interests and talents for a thriving future. 

Donations for foster carers and young people 

Anglicare Southern Queensland has been supporting young people in out-of-home care, as well as foster and kinship carers for more than 30 years. The need for carers is growing, however, it’s equally important to support those who are currently committing their home and time for the needs of young people.  

International Day of Charity can provide meaningful support for Foster Care

The generosity of donors allows us to fund additional training and resources for carers. They also allow us to provide children and young people in placement (foster care, residential, or supported living) with tools and opportunities to create a sustainable future. 

Donations for other services 

Our commitment to care ensures that we can continue supporting Queenslanders at different life stages. We respond to the different needs and situations of people in our community. 

Our other services where funding is essential, includes services designed to support those experiencing hardship and poverty, mental ill-health, and those in need of family, relationship and counselling support. 

How can you donate?

We’re grateful for all donations that we receive. Since not all our services are fully- funded, the generosity of our communities has, and will continue to, allow us to achieve our vision; to create a more loving, just and inclusive society. 

Should you wish to donate to Anglicare Southern Queensland, please click here. Alternatively, you may wish to speak to our fundraising team directly via 1300 244 683 or [email protected].