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Youth in Charge

Youth in Charge is a voluntary counselling program for young people who need support to manage their use of alcohol or other drugs.

OnTrack is about addressing the challenges faced by young people. It acknowledges that speaking up about these issues can also be seen as a challenge – but it shouldn’t be.

Watch the documentary to hear from young people who have faced their challenges and managed to get their lives on track, with the support of music as a way of sharing what they’re feeling.

Full documentary

Partnering with Nerve

Nerve is a local rapper, producer, singer and emcee with a loyal fanbase and an interest to help young people make positive choices.

Nerve doesn’t merely “rap about rapping” but tackles real issues: success, pressure, relationships, responsibility, and anxiety.

“Music is therapy for me,” Nerve said. “Recently, I’ve gone into a studio and just poured my heart out and then come out feeling a lot better.”

Finding an outlet

Joining NERVE in his music studio, are four young people who discuss the challenges they, along with many youth, have faced growing up.

They share personal experiences such as substance abuse, anxiety, racism, family breakdowns and more; and speak about the importance of having an outlet in order to help them stay on the right track – whether that be someone to talk to, or music.

The number of young people using alcohol and other drugs at a high-risk level continues to increase*

1 in 7
Smoke tobacco daily
1 in 4
Consume five or more drinks in one sitting
1 in 6
Have used an illicit drug
* Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2019

Designed for young people

The program might be suitable for you if you are aged 12-25 and:

  • are worried about your use of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • would like some support in understanding drug/alcohol issues
  • would like to stop or reduce your drug/alcohol intake

The Youth in Charge program provides support and resources for young people to manage the use of substances, including helping to develop strategies to cope with cravings, reduce harm, improve relationships, and set goals for the future.

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Accessing our services

You can access the Youth in Charge program in West Moreton and South West Queensland regions by self-referring using this form.

Alternatively, a school guidance counsellor or healthcare professional can assist in referring you to our program.

Our team is available to speak on the phone between 8am to 5pm weekdays on 1300 114 397.