Health focused support

Anglicare offers a range of programs and support services to contribute to your wellness to help you maintain your independence.

Support for your independence and wellness.

Carefully designed with sensitivity, our aged health services provide the most appropriate care while maintaining individual independence and dignity, Anglicare offers services and support for a wide range of situations and dependencies.

From assistance with independence and wellness, to activities designed to help you to live a healthier, happier and active life, our experienced and friendly team of dedicated Allied Health professionals are here for you.

Our Allied Health staff cover a wide range of disciplines. To discover more about their role in our home support services, please see below.

Wound Clinics

Do you have a wound that is taking more than four weeks to heal? Does your wound keep coming back even after it has healed? Perhaps it’s affecting your health and wellbeing?

Our team of experienced nurses at Anglicare Southern Queensland Wound Clinics are here to help.

At the Wound Clinic, you’ll have a comprehensive, holistic assessment to determine any underlying conditions that might affect the wound healing process. Our nurses work with you and any other health professionals involved in your care, to develop a personalised, evidence-based would treatment plan just for you.

Click here to read more about our Wound Clinics. 

Self management to support your independence

Staying active and connected with other people in a nurturing and safe environment is a vital part of enjoying life. With that in mind, Anglicare group activity sessions are designed to encourage participation in a full range of stimulating and therapeutic activities, including:

  • Education options
  • Exercises e.g. pool, walking, seated exercises
  • Balance and falls prevention
  • Safety in the home
  • Memory and cognitive training
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Exercise classes
  • Healthy eating and nutrition

Resuming a normal lifestyle after injury, surgery or other conditions can be challenging, that’s why our physiotherapists are here when you need them. They can help people regain movement and physical independence with a comfortable and caring program.

It all starts with an in-home assessment, following which a treatment program is designed to address issues including; general weakness or balance retraining, hip replacement and post-stroke recovery and cardio-respiratory assistance to improve walking endurance.

Other in-home physiotherapy treatments offered by Anglicare may also include:

  • Pain management and education
  • Recommendation of walking aids, such as wheeled walkers
  • Balance retraining and falls prevention education
  • Exercise programs, delivered In-home or to conveniently located groups

Podiatrists are experts in the treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Podiatry deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and improvement of various lower limb conditions. People who have circulation problems, arthritis and diabetes can often benefit from seeing an Anglicare podiatrist. Foot health is essential to keeping active, motivated and capable of living a normal life in the community. Anglicare podiatrists can provide services in the comfort of your own home.

Services may cover, but are not limited to:

  • Skin and nail care, including ingrown nails
  • Treatment of corns, warts, calluses
  • Treatment of foot injuries and infections
  • Prescription of orthotics or specialised shoes

Anglicare dietitians assess individual nutritional needs, develop personalised eating plans to address any food intolerances or allergies and assist in understanding nutritional facts. Food is the fuel we need to assist us to live our lives well; thus the importance of a healthy diet is paramount. Anglicare dietitians will assist with planning menus which are appropriate for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or for people recovering from an illness or surgery.

Occupational therapy

You may not have heard of occupational therapy (or OT as it is often called). It’s a health profession that promotes health and well-being through the things we do every day, from personal tasks to household chores, from leisure activities to what we think of as work.

Whatever you choose to do, an occupational therapist can provide advice for doing it in a way that improves your personal safety, independence and quality of life.

Our occupational therapists visit people at home to assess their abilities, identify any difficulties they are having and assess the suitability of their environment for maximising their wellbeing and independence.

An Anglicare occupational therapist can help you with a wide range of services, including:

  • Ideas to improve home access or liveability, including ramps, grab rails or other modifications
  • Education on how to prevent falls
  • Information about personal alarms and how to use them
  • Recommendations about useful equipment, including over toilet frames, shower chairs, wheelchairs, hoists and other smaller aids which can help with everyday tasks
  • Information about safer methods of independently doing things such as showering, dressing and meal preparation
  • Teaching simple ways to relax and conserve energy
Dementia support services

A range of symptoms associated with ongoing decline of the brain, dementia affects people’s behaviour, thinking and everyday activities. Although it is most common in people over 65, dementia can affect anyone at any time.

You may know the most common types of dementia by their specific names, these include, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Alcohol related dementia.

Living with and caring for a person with dementia and related symptoms, such as memory loss and behavioural changes, can be stressful. Part of our senior care, our dementia care is specially designed to meet the individual needs of the person with dementia, their family and friends.

Dementia services in Queensland and Brisbane that you can access through Anglicare include:

  • Help with daily living tasks, including showering, dressing, grooming, toileting, preparing meals, shopping, clothes washing and floor cleaning
  • Nursing services to help manage physical and behaviour changes and medication
  • Respite care
  • Physiotherapy, podiatry and occupational therapy
  • Spiritual and pastoral care
  • Liaison with other specialist dementia services and doctors to provide information and advice

To discover more about dementia and dementia services in Queensland, please visit:

Alzheimer’s Australia

My Aged Care

or call us at:

Anglicare Southern Queensland – 1300 610 610

Or the National dementia helpline – 1800 100 500


Home maintenance and modification services

Often a property that has been a family home or retirement residence is not suitable for in home care or assisted living. We can help get you ready for the next stage of life.

When you talk to our home maintenance and modification service about domiciliary care, you’ll find that we can help older people and those with a disability to access practical housing-related assistance so they can maintain their independence. Anglicare offers a range of services including free information and referrals for:

  • Home maintenance,
  • Falls prevention
  • Repairs and modifications
  • Home security

Eligible clients may also receive subsidised assistance for minor home maintenance, repairs and modifications to improve health, safety and security.

End of life care


End of life care refers to the physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual supports provided to someone in the last months or years of their life.

End of life is a difficult and often stressful time and there are many decisions and choices that need to be made.  More Australians are choosing to die to at home, surrounded by familiar people, comforts and keepsakes. Anglicare offers holistic care to help people with a life limiting illness to live well at home, for as long as possible.  This can be a preferable alternative to more traditional end of life supports such as hospice, hospital or residential care.

Anglicare’s in-home end of life support care services include:

  • Nursing visits to manage pain, medications and other symptoms.
  • Hygiene and personal care assistance.
  • Respite services to ensure carers and loved ones are resting and recuperating.
  • Allied health services to assist with equipment, as well as, manage possible symptoms such as breathlessness and loss of appetite .
  • Liaison with specialist palliative services, GP’s and other healthcare professionals to
  • support all physical, emotional, and cultural dimensions
  • Spiritual and pastoral care.

Anglicare also offers Respecting Patient Choices, an Advanced Care Planning program that helps people and their families plan for their future health care needs. This includes spiritual and pastoral care services, in addition to access to local clergy and religious communities.

Whatever your situation or preferences, you can discuss your wishes with a trained healthcare professional.  Your choices will be respected and recorded so that your wishes are known in case of an emergency or inability to make decisions.

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