We support children, young people and families to live the life they want.

Anglicare Southern Queensland has a long history of providing care and support to children and families. We continue to provide a range of services to children, young people and families to support them to live the life they want.


Our Services:

Intensive Family Support

Our Intensive Family Support Service, located in Gympie, assists families who are worried about some areas of their family life, particularly the safety and wellbeing of their children. Our family workers help families to identify their own strengths, set goals for themselves, provide practical in-home support and brokerage; and assist with making links to other specialist services.

We strive to support families to become stronger, more capable and build a pathway to the life they want.

Referrals to the service can be made by Family and Child Connect, other community agencies or by families themselves. To refer someone to our Gympie Intensive Family Support service please call: 1300 610 610 or use the contact box below.

Family Intervention

Much like our Intensive Family Support Service, our Family Intervention Services work with families who are experiencing challenges in family life. Our family workers provide practical support, mentoring and parenting advice and work together with families and the Department of Communities to set goals based on the safety and wellbeing of families and children. Our team support families and children when they are at risk, and also when children are being returned to their families after a period of time spent in out of home care. Our Family Intervention Services receive referrals only from the Department of Communities.

Foster and Kinship Care

Anglicare Southern Queensland have been supporting foster carers in Queensland for more than twenty-five years. We work in partnership with government and other support agencies to provide quality care and support services to Australian communities.

In Queensland, we’ve been providing foster care programs since 1990 – that means we’ve got more than twenty-five years of experience. We provide a range of support services to foster and kinship carers to make sure they are equipped to provide a safe, stable and loving home to children and young people in need.

To learn more about Anglicare and fostering, visit the foster and kinship care page.

Residential Care

Anglicare provides Residential Care in nine locations across South East Queensland. Our Residential Care Services provide care and support to children and young people in a home setting, as an alternative to foster and kinship care. Our services range from immediate response as an option for young people experiencing crisis, to short and long term options for children and young people who require stable care. Our Residential Care Workers are trained and supported to provide high quality day to day care for children and young people and to contribute to overall support for recovery from trauma, development of emotional regulation, resilience, self esteem and self-efficacy.

Supported Independent Living

Anglicare’s Supported Independent Living Service assists young people living in out of home care aged between 15 and 18 to develop the skills they require to live independently. Our staff provide practical support and guidance to ready young people to live independently and make their own choices. Our team has supported young people to access other community support services, make decisions about work and study, budget and manage money effectively, navigate relationships, and obtain their drivers license. Young people are most often supported to live in shared accommodation with one or two others and are encouraged to contribute to the costs of living, in order to prepare them for a transition to full independence in the future.

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