A major gift can change many lives.

Anglicare has 140 years experience working with Queenslanders. We are in rural communities helping drought stricken farmers. We have shelters housing homeless men, women and children. We are helping those who are aged, with nursing care, so they can stay in their homes longer. We are helping children find safe places to live in Foster Care. We are helping those who are disabled or suffering Mental Health issues with care, counselling and support.

In short, in Queensland, we are everywhere.

At a time when non-profit organisations across the board are receiving less government funding, our work doesn’t stop. Major Gifts provide funding for our services, in times when government funding has not been successful or has not been received. A Major Gift can assist individuals, families and children now and into the future. A Major Gift is a donation of $10,000 and over.

Anglicare services and programs arise in response to community needs, situations and challenges – and we know people have different passions about what they choose to support.

What benefit can your Major Gift bring?

Your Major Gift will assist people receiving our service in the following services in South East Queensland:

  • Homelessness Services – accommodation facilities where homeless women, men and children can live, and receive support services to help them get back on their feet
  • INSYNC Services – 5 homes which house homeless youth aged from 12 to 18
  • Rural and Remote Services – offices in rural locations providing support for drought stricken farmers
  • Foster Care – assist in accommodation for 1500 children who have suffered child abuse, neglect, family breakdown and emotional distress
  • Disability Services – providing support for those who are disabled and need support to live the life they want
  • Mental Health and Well Being – supporting people living with mental health challenges
  • Age Care – care for the aged providing the support and independence they need to live happier and healthier lives.


For more information on giving a Major Gift to Anglicare, please call us on 1300 610 610 or via email at [email protected].