Rental Affordability Snapshot

Anglicare Southern Queensland has been participating in the Anglicare Australia Rental Affordability Snapshot for more than a decade. The Snapshot highlights the lived experience of those on low incomes (both income support and minimum wage) trying to find a home that is both affordable and appropriate. Year after year, the findings continue to be dire.
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2024 Rental Affordability Snapshot
Southern Queensland

In response to the growing housing and homelessness crisis, this year’s Anglicare SQ Snapshot expands its focus from the Brisbane Metro region to the whole of southern Queensland. The results emphasise the scale of the problem, and the pressing need for swift and significant action on the part of government.

Of the 8,553 properties we surveyed:

  • Only 45 (0.5%) were affordable and appropriate for households on income support
  • Only 759 (8.9%) were affordable and appropriate for those on minimum wage
  • In 12 months, the number of available properties in the Brisbane metro region that are affordable and available for all lower income household types has halved
  • Almost every lower income household in every region in southern Queensland pays more than a third of their income on the median rent

Lifting people out of crisis is a policy choice

We are calling on the Australian Government to increase financial supports to enable people to afford the basic living costs of housing, food, bills, and transport; and for both federal and state governments to invest in more social and affordable housing. 

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Our approach 

As part of the annual Anglicare Australia national Snapshot, every year Anglicare Southern Queensland tests if it is possible for people on low incomes to rent a home in the private market. We do this by taking a snapshot of the thousands of properties listed for rent on on a particular weekend in March. We test whether each property is affordable and appropriate for people on low incomes.

Download the 2024 report

Turning round the housing crisis would leave a legacy of transforming hundreds of thousands of lives​

Rental Affordability Snapshot 2024 Report

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