Research at Anglicare

High-quality research and evaluation reflects our commitment to evidence, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Research underpins all of the work we do

We co-produce innovative, rigorous, and future-focused research in partnership with knowledge users and recipients, to support positive outcomes for our workforce, our clients, our families, and our communities, and contribute to a more loving, just and inclusive society.

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Research Priorities


We engage in research that seeks to understand our clients and staff, including their needs, their experiences and the role of our services.


We engage in research to test new models, practices and innovations in care, and contribute to the development of new knowledge.


We engage in applied research and evaluation that leads to effective and sustainable improvements in practice and builds the capacity of our workforce.

Research Themes

Quality practice and care

Develop and evaluate innovative programs, services, and models of care to support the delivery of holistic person-centred care and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Home and place

Support and improve a sense of safety, security and stability in living arrangements, understanding and addressing issues around housing, homelessness and place for those unable to live at home.

Wellbeing and recovery

Optimise social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing, with a particular focus on times of stress and transition, and support recovery, to live a life of meaning and hope.

Access and equity

Understand the barriers to accessing supports and services, particularly for those who may be vulnerable and disadvantaged, and identify, implement and evaluate opportunities to redress these barriers.

Applying to conduct research

Requests to conduct research with Anglicare staff or clients are managed by our Research and Advocacy team and assessed by our multidisciplinary Research Governance Committee.

We encourage you to contact us before you apply to conduct research at Anglicare.

To apply, please complete the application form below. Completed applications are to be submitted to [email protected]

It is essential that all applications for research with Anglicare have been reviewed by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) registered with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to ensure it meets appropriate ethical standards and guidelines. Researchers can obtain formal approval from the HREC of the institution with which they are affiliated. Researchers who are not affiliated with an Australian organisation that has an HREC may contact a registered HREC that allows external research proposals. Anglicare will only provide full approval to those research proposals with full ethical clearance from a HREC. If a research proposal is awaiting clearance from an HREC, Anglicare will only provide provisional approval to conduct research with our staff and/or clients, pending final HREC review and approval.

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Application for consideration

Anglicare is committed to supporting high-quality research that supports our intent to achieve positive outcomes for clients, carers, families and communities, and to contribute to social justice for vulnerable people through advocacy and social policy change.

We welcome opportunities for research partnerships that contribute to:

– improving outcomes for our staff, clients and communities
– the evidence base for our current services, and our services of the future
– translating knowledge and best practice into our everyday work.

Approved research projects

Our priority is to ensure that research projects deliver outputs that engage decision-makers and increase the ability of research evidence to inform policy, program and practice decision-making. For all approved research projects, the Principal Researcher will be required to complete a detailed Translation Plan. The timeframes for the development of this Plan will depend on the individual research project and will be jointly-determined.

We also require researchers to provide updates on a six-monthly basis, or as otherwise requested, as well as a closure report to be completed at the end of the research project.