30 Jan

Anglicare Client Says Thank You

A client took the time to thank staff in a special way, making a plaque as a token of appreciation.

Anglicare employees based in Roma provided support to the Sabine family, looking after Mr Sabine who received daily support as part of his Consumer Directed Care package.

Staff went the extra mile when Mrs Sabine made an emergency trip from Roma to Mackay to support her daughter who was unwell and admitted to an Intensive Care Unit.

This trip was made possible thanks to the support of Anglicare staff, who provided 24-hour in home support for her husband over the course of four days.

Mr Sabine receives services six days a week according to Tracey O’Brien, Client Liaison Officer with Anglicare Rural and Remote in Roma.

“This allowed Mrs Sabine to return to work and Mr Sabine to attend his grandchildren’s Saturday sport fixtures as well as participate in regular family activities,” she said.

“Mrs Sabine was so grateful for our ongoing support it prompted he to make a heartfelt plaque.

“It has been such a pleasure to provide care to this lovely family and I consider Anglicare the lucky ones in this scenario.”

Roma client says thank you

Anglicare employee Frank Macdivitt, Anglicare client Mrs Sabine holding the plaque with Care Coordinator Mary Sokoll on the right