27 Jan

Maximising aged care reforms for Queenslanders

Anglicare Southern Queensland has embraced the opportunities gained through the Federal Government’s aged care reforms, which will allow seniors to choose a home care provider that is best suited to them.

According to Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Director, Service Delivery, Mrs Sue Cooke, Anglicare has developed a model of working with clients to develop individualised plans that go beyond meeting clients’ immediate needs to supporting clients in achieving what they want out of life.

“Anglicare has always had a consumer-directed focus long before consumer-directed care was introduced in July 2015,” Mrs Cooke said.

“Our focus is on allowing clients to stay in their own homes and engage with the local community longer by planning and providing support services to help clients achieve their goals. Whether these include getting out to the shops, meeting others through social outings, going fishing, preparing meals for entertaining family and friends or receiving support in maintaining their home.

“Our goal is to provide the support our clients may need to live the life they want.

“The new reforms, which will unlock packages from set providers from 27 February, now provide an opportunity for us to support more Queenslanders over 65,” she said.

Anglicare’s experience in planning for meeting clients’ individual needs has also prepared Anglicare for the influx of clients wanting to find out more about how to make the most of the Federal Government’s changes.

“Anglicare has a team of staff dedicated to working alongside seniors to explain the changes and develop support plans to address their immediate needs and future goals,” Mrs Cooke said.

“We have gathered information, listened and understand these changes to be able to support seniors seeking help at home or in the wider community and we are looking to share all that we have learnt with our current clients and potential clients.

“Our staff love their jobs. This gives peace of mind to our clients and adds to the value of being in partnership with Anglicare because our team of support workers and specialists will provide you with a familiar face and a level of comfort and safety when having people enter your home,” she said.

Anglicare has served the community with love, hope, humility and exceptional care for more than six generations. Our local team of personal care workers, support workers and registered nurses deliver care and support services to more than 32,000 Queenslanders.

For further information on the Federal Government’s Aged Care Reforms being introduced on 27 February, or for a consultation on how we can best support your needs, call Anglicare on 1300 610 610. Read more about our Help at Home services.