10 Aug

Celebrating International Youth Day

Each year, on 12 August, communities and influential leaders are encouraged to celebrate the talents and qualities of young people and raise awareness on matters that are important to them. 

The United Nations (UN) created International Youth Day to help recognise young people as “partners in today’s global society.” Considering half of our planet is made up of people aged 30 years or younger, it’s important that their voices are heard. Research conducted by the UN identified that almost 70% of people believe that including more young people in political decisions would improve political systems. 

International Youth Day theme 2023 

Every year, International Youth Day is supported with a different theme that’s important for young people. This year it’s Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World. 

The United Nations have explained that the transition to a greener and more sustainable future is dependent on the population’s development of green skills. They believe that young people will be influential green skills change makers. 

Anglicare Southern Queensland’s youth services

Our organisation is dedicated to collaborating with and supporting young Queenslanders on issues that matter to them. We support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people who are affected by things that are out of their control. 

Anglicare’s position to help young people gives them the opportunity to get on track and live happy and meaningful lives. Here are some of the ways that we support young people in Southern Queensland. 

Advocacy and research

In recent years, we’ve partnered with young people in advocacy and research projects. We’ve listened to their voices and acknowledged their lived experiences on issues that have impacted or are currently impacting them.  

Some of the recent advocacy and research projects we have been involved in include: 

  1. The Home Stretch Campaign – this collaborative initiative was successful in influencing the Queensland Government to increase the age of care (for foster children) to 21. Thus, giving young people more time to transition into adulthood and thrive. 
  2. Young Women’s Voices – a project that’s investigating how youth justice and human services could be improved to generate better outcomes for young women. 

To learn more about some of our other youth advocacy projects, including the National Youth Commission and Youth Voices, please visit the Children and Young People Advocacy Page. 

Youth counselling services

Another major component of our Social and Community Services division is our youth counselling services. They’re designed to focus on issues and challenges that young people experience. 

Some of the challenges that ASQ can support young people with include; family issues and conflict, family separation and divorce, living in blended families, school issues, bullying, behavioural issues, anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, grief and loss. We can also support young people who are dealing with other issues such as sexual abuse, family violence, child protection issues, drugs and alcohol as well as homelessness or being at risk of experiencing homelessness.  

Our counsellors are fully qualified professionals. They’ve helped many young people to overcome issues and challenges and lead positive changes in their lives.

Youth homelessness

Anglicare provides numerous services and support offerings to help young people build happier and healthier lives off the street. Our InSync youth homelessness services provide early intervention (for those who are at risk of experiencing homelessness) and crisis accommodation (for those currently experiencing homelessness). We also offer other support and long-term positive housing outcomes. 

There are several InSync sites located throughout South-East Queensland. The InSync team help young people with securing transitional and temporary accommodation, support in increasing their living skills and can help them to achieve their goals through case planned processes.  

Click here to learn more about our Insync and Youth Homelessness services. 

Our other services for young people

For more than 30 years, Anglicare Southern Queensland have been supporting children and young people living in out-of-home care to find supportive and suitable carers. Our foster and kinship care services are designed to help young people who are unable to live with their birth families, until they can be reunified with them. We have a duty of care to listen to and respect their voices and ensure they’re involved in any decisions regarding their care. 

Our organisation also supports young people who’ve been involved in the youth justice system. In an article we published in 2021, we identified that three-quarters of children involved in the youth justice system were known to child safety services. Anglicare are positioned to support and advocate for disadvantaged young people who slip through the cracks of social justice systems, so that they can have the opportunities they deserve for a better future.  

Find out more

Anglicare Southern Queensland is also a child safe organisation. To find out more about how we interact with children and young people, please visit the Child Safe page on our website.